What is intellefit™️ ?

intellefit™️ is The Cerebral Approach to Fitness

intellefit™️ was founded in 2007 to establish quintessential exercise form and technique to lessen the risk of injury.

intellefit™️ continues to help individuals increase their mobility, enhance mind-body connection and improve overall well-being.

intellefit™️ offers Concierge + Bespoke Private Fitness Coaching for individuals who demand the highest levels of privacy and professionalism.

Client Attributes:


3 Months intellefit™️ Private Coaching
6 Months intellefit™️ Private Coaching
1 Year intellefit™️ Private Coaching
intellefit™️ Consultation
8 Monthly Remote or In-Studio Sessions

Outcomes + Results:



Chris Gold, Founder, intellefit™️, has worked in the New York City fitness industry for over 25 years.

Chris Gold holds the Master Trainer credential, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Chris Gold provides post-rehab exercise protocols for hip, knee, ankle and shoulder replacement recipients.